08 Nov

Big Advantages With Extended Auto Warranties

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The NCWC Inc New Jersey based source for vehicle service plans (VSPs) that help owners avoid excessive repair costs, has several types of VSPs available. Consumers should note that the extended warranty industry is crowded with low-value players who sell plans that offer no protection for vehicle owners. NCWC Inc New Jersey has won consumer and industry-wide respect for putting the needs of vehicle owners at the top of their priority list.

Key Backing From Industry:

One sign that NCWC Inc New Jersey is on the right track is their backing from Palmer Administration, one of the nation’s top brands in the automotive protection field. Few sellers of extended warranties are able to obtain the backing of such prestigious organizations. NCWC Inc New Jersey stands out with its hard-earned reputation.
Better Business Bureau’s Top Rating:

NCWC Inc New Jersey is not only accredited by the BBB but is able to offer vehicle owners numerous plan options all at different price points. That way, consumers who want to spend a bit more for a higher level of protection can do so. Likewise, those on a budget can cut costs and only purchase the amount of protection they want.

For example, the most comprehensive coverage offered by NCWC is the plan called “Select Coverage,” which is the company’s premium-level protection plan. Most problems that owners might encounter with a new vehicle are covered under this plan. On the opposite end of the price spectrum is the Engine Coverage plan. It takes care of the basic needs of owners who only want coverage for basic needs that arise with respect to repairs.

There are other plans that fall between the levels of coverage of the Select and Engine options. NCWC Inc New Jersey believes that consumers should have multiple avenues for vehicle coverage at various price points. That’s because auto coverage should not be a “one size fits all” situation. Instead, consumers are best served by a wide range of plans at varying prices.

Added Benefits for All Plans:

Any plan offered by NCWC Inc lets consumers have the choice of purchasing add-on amenities like roadside assistance. Things like tire changes, lockouts, refueling, and rental car expenses can be covered with a roadside assistance feature. No matter what level of protection a customer chooses, they can have access to all the advantages of roadside assistance.

There is also the option for purchasers of any plan to select a trip interruption plan add-on that helps in various situations. For example, when a covered service must take place when consumers are out of town, the plan can reimburse for hotel and meal expenses, as well as the cost of a rental vehicle during the servicing period. These additional forms of protection for vehicle owners make NCWC Inc New Jersey the nation’s premier provider of extended warranty plans.

There’s no reason to lose sleep over excessive vehicle repair costs and associated expenses when NCWC Inc has such a wide array of vehicle protection programs, at multiple price points, available.

02 Nov

Riding Your Bike to Office Every day? 8 Tips for Safe Riding in Heavy Traffic

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Riding a bike in busy traffic can be an overwhelming situation for most of the bikers. Those who commute via bike, especially in countries like India, the situation can get worse in a matter of seconds. Due to thelack of responsible behaviour by most of the drivers, the roads are never safe. To make sure that you reach your office safely, here are a few tips which will help you in dealing with heavy traffic while riding your bike.

1) Keep Your Mind, Body, And Machine in Check

Before you take your bike out on the road, there are a few things that you need to take care of. First of all,ensure that you arecompletelystress-free as you are going to judge the road multiple times during the ride. Further, make sure that you are wearing necessary gear like a jacket and helmet. Lastly, check brakes and tyre pressure before you start the bike so that you do not get into trouble in the middle of the road.

2) Ride Smoothly

If you are daily commuting to your office via bike, there is no use of becoming anadrenaline junkie while riding. Be responsible and make sure to balance the bike with complete body strength. Your posture should be at ease in accordance with the shape of the bike to avoid any stress on your back and leg muscles.

3) Learn to Understand the Movement of Drivers Around

Learn to judge the movements of other bikersin front and back of you. Never put the rear-view mirror to rest as it will help you when you are about to get into heavy traffic. You should also be aware of the location of the heavy vehicles aroundyou so that when the times comes, you can change the lanes easily.

4) Learn to Use Brakes on Time

Learning how to use the brakes on time is one of the most important riding skills. Always keep the feet on the rear brake and fingers close to the handbrake so that if the time comes to apply brakes because some stupid driver decided to apply brakes in front, you can stop the bike immediately.

5) Control Your Speed If You Notice Dangerous Traffic Ahead

Bikers are known to race but if the conditions are not favourable keep the speed much lower than the speed limit and try to flow with the traffic.

6) Learn to Check All Directions

Even though the road in front of you is clear and smooth, do not jump on the accelerator to speed up your bike. You can never know from which direction a dangerous vehicle or even an animal can emerge. Therefore, make sure to check all the directions. Also, instead of turning your head multiple times, learn to use rear view mirrors.

7) Control Urge to Move Faster in Slow Traffic

Do not get agitated by the slow traffic and flow with it even if it gets slower. Sooner or later you will find a small escape point which you can take after considering all the possible scenarios. As a biker, your brain will develop a sense of understanding the vehicles around you and will tell you when its time to skip the lane and change direction for good. Till then, move slowly with the traffic.

8) Avoid Blind Spots

On all roads especially during heavy traffic, there are blind spots which give out no idea about the other side. Avoid jumping towards them in order to save some time.

There are a lot of aspects of riding a bike. From taking care of your mighty machine to understanding the roads and from learning the importance of riding gear to getting your bike serviced on time. The tips mentioned above will give you an idea of how you can ride yourbike safely in heavy traffic and reach your destination safely.

Secure Your Bike and Yourself with Comprehensive Bike Insurance

If you are taking every possible step to secure yourself against accidents while riding your bike through heavy traffic, then you should not compromise on comprehensive bike insurance. In addition to third-party liability, comprehensive bike insurance coversyour bikeagainst damage caused due totheft, accidents, natural disaster,fire, malicious actetc. Also, personal injury which arises out of such accidentsis covered by the personal accident cover benefit.

Thus, it is always preferable to buy comprehensive insurance for your bike. You can purchase bike insurance online, after considering your requirements and comparing two-wheeler insurance policies on offer.

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25 Oct

U.S. Driving Survey Reveals Most Cost-Efficient Auto Accessories

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Recently, a survey of U.S. drivers asked what auto accessories they used most often and which were the most effective at helping them to prevent damage to their vehicle and save them more money in the long run. Some answers were expected, but others were a bit of surprise. You may not even know that some of these products exist, and you may be scrambling to go buy them after you read about their benefits.

22 Oct

Importance of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Florida

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In America, the ratio of car accidents has been growing at a rapid rate for the past two decades due to the negligence of the auto drivers. Folks are driving while using mobile phones, text messaging or eating. These distractions are causing several terrible accidents. The masses lose their family members, face medical bills, car repairs, pain and suffering after accidents. These troubles cannot be diminished completely, but PIP gives some relief to some extent. Florida is one of the ten provinces that have Personal Injury Protection auto insurance, also entitled Florida No-Fault Insurance. The PIP coverage provides injured drivers in Florida up to $10,000 immediate medical coverage if the driver has no fault in vehicle collapse.

30 Aug

Top Tips for Getting the Best Price on Your Next Car

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Vehicles have provided so many of us with the freedom and the ability to access more of the world than ever before. When you live in an area that does not have good connections via public transport, or you simply commute often, a vehicle can be a godsend.

18 Aug

5 Mistakes to Avoid at the Dealership

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You’ve been saving for years and it’s finally time to purchase your dream car. You cannot wait. Your spouse is a little concerned, however, and keeps cautioning you to keep your feet on the ground when it’s time to hit the dealerships. You assure her that you’ll be fine; you’ve bought cars before, but she’s right. Automobile dealerships have earned the reputation they have because they have a ton of tricks up their sleeve to boost their bottom line with your hard-earned cash. Here are five mistakes you should avoid when you head to the dealer to buy your new car, and you should heed them wisely.

25 Jul

4 Iconic Cars That Should Be Brought Back

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Let’s have a look at the 4 iconic cars that should be brought back to enhance car lovers passion.

29 Jun

5 Best Off-Road Bikes You Can Get Your Hands On

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Everyone has their own poison, some like cruising down the boulevard on a slammed street racer while others get their kicks blowing dirt and conquering rough terrains on a high-raised SUV. Same goes for the bikers, while some may enjoy the great speeds and lean in corners on bulky yet sophisticated sports bikes others find more flavor in treading the wilderness on sleek and sporty trail bikes. This list goes for the free souls who love the feel of fresh air brushing against their cheeks as they fly by thickly forested trails and also like to zoom past traffic on highways.

26 Jun

Best Ways of Customization For Your SUV

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If you are an adventurer and love your sports utility vehicle then you must have thought about upgrading it for better performance and comfort. Well if you don’t have the budget to buy a brand new and expensive SUV laden with futuristic features and driving assistance systems. Worry not, we have got the best customization that you can put on your current SUV that will not only improve the ride quality and performance but will also make your SUV much cooler.

Take a look at the best ways to customize your SUV on a budget below:

20 Jun

How to Give Your Car a Quick Makeover

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Giving a car a makeover is almost like a cheat code for car owners – it is almost like getting a brand new car without having to spend anything at all. Giving car makeovers however, has been often wrongly classified as a super expensive task, which is why a lot of car owners tend to shy away from putting any form of effort into improving their car, selling it to make another purchase. This practice however, is based on false evidence and partially the laziness of the car owners, as there are ample ways to give a car a quick makeover just by following some simple steps. Here’s what car owners are needed to do.