13 Jun

Checklist of World’s Fastest Cars (Infographic)

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These two words ‘fastest cars’ are enough to fickle one’s mind for a while. Have you ever thought which fastest car can leave its competition far behind almost in dust! Time is changing, new technology is overlapping old ones, researches are leaping high, and each day R&D progresses with new invention in almost every industry including automobile. You might be thinking what the latest advancement in fastest cars category is. Don’t worry; Drive Benfield is here to help you, with an infographic that showcases some of the world’s fastest cars – from the 270.49mph Hennessey Venom GT, which hops on the number one spot, to the esteemed Bugatti Veyron, the Guinness world record holder. Go ahead; check out the full infographic below..

17 May

The World’s Most Reliable Cars

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Most Reliable Cars

Every year the big car reviewers send out surveys to find out which car is the Uk’s most reliable. And every year those surveys churn out some very impressive results.

The surveys themselves break down into subcategories, giving a flavour of what real drivers think about their cars. All sorts of key performance metrics are reported including handling and performance. But today we’re interested in the on thing and one thing only, reliability. This year the Driver Power Survey has sent out over 50,000 questionnaires to drivers up and down the UK. So what are the results?

17 May

How does car financing work?

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With the average new car in Canada costing upwards of $31,000, it’s no wonder seven out of ten new cars and trucks are financed. Vehicle financing is a major factor in purchasing a car, so it deserves a serious amount of consideration.

What is car financing?

Car financing allows you to purchase a car and pay it off in manageable instalments. Financing can be organized between either a bank of your choice and the dealership where you purchase your car, or from a car-financing specialist such as Auto Loan Solutions. There are a few crucial questions to ask yourself when considering who you want to finance your car. What can you afford? How long is the lease? What is the interest rate? How much will you really be paying?

31 Mar

What Makes People Fall In Love With The Fiat 500?

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There’s no denying that one can go out and buy a supermini with ease these days. Why? Because there are scores of different models on the market! One car, in particular, that seems the most popular with buyers is the Fiat 500.

The model first got unveiled back in 1957, believe it or not. These days, you are seldom likely to see examples of those cars except in a museum! What you will see is the newer model that first went on sale back in 2007. Almost a decade later, the “new” Fiat 500 has proven to be a hit with motorists across the globe.

03 Mar

Mercedes GLC Review

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2016’s GLC-Class is a replacement for the Mercedes-Benz-GLK. However, it doesn’t share many similarities with its predecessor. This is a complete redesign that also presents UK buyers with their first chance of owning a car like this. The GLK was never released in a right-hand drive format, so it’s been a long time coming for those who drive on the alternate side of the road. Finally, Mercedes has a rival to other brands like Audi and BMW that had an advantage for so many years.

29 Feb

10 Reasons to Downsize Your Car

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Is it time to get rid of your old car and have a chance? Then it might be time to start thinking about a downsize. If you don’t really need a big car, then does it make sense to carry on driving one? There are some many other options out there that can offer you something different but just as good as a large car. Here are ten great reasons why I think you should consider buying a smaller car this time round.

07 Jan

What to Expect When You Become a Classic Car Owner

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The decision to invest in a classic car is not one to be made lightly. Before the lure of  a vintage motor gets the better of you, you need to take a step back and consider what owning a classic car really entails.

23 Dec

Reviewed: The Range Rover Sport SVR

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There’s no denying that Range Rover is an iconic marque seen on many roads across the globe. It has a long and rich history, and it’s even a firm favourite with footballers! These days, the Range Rover line-up has undergone something of a transformation.

Gone are the boxy models aimed at older motorists. Parent company Land Rover are in the midst of a brand refresh. They want to make Range Rover cars more attractive to younger generations. And, of course, they want to sell more vehicles too!

23 Nov

The Best First Car On The Market… And How You Can Drive One

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If you’re currently learning to drive, then you’ll already be thinking about one of the biggest dilemmas that any new motorist faces. The question that needs to be answered is simple: what is the best car for a first-time driver?

There are many factors to consider, including price, features and other motoring costs. One of the most popular options on the market is the Renault Clio. The French manufactured model is much loved by drivers of all backgrounds, but it’s particularly suited to new drivers. Best of all, getting your hands behind the wheel of one shouldn’t be too difficult.

13 Nov

The Bugatti Vision GT: From Video Games to Reality

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The Bugatti Vision GT is an extraordinary transformation of a digital video game concept to a stunningly beautiful super sports car. Unveiled at the 66th International Motor Show, it marks the end of the Bugatti Veyron era and strengthens the company’s future as a leader in manufacturing luxury sports cars.