North America Getting New 4-Door Fiat 500

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Fiat 500

Fiat is considered to be one of the hottest brands for the Chrysler showrooms for 2010 because of the beautiful style small design and nice specifications. Ford has recently announced that it is bringing a four-door version of the 500 small cars for the North American markets and it is reported that this vehicle will hit the European markets in 2011 still the timings for the US markets has not been shown. This amazingly beautiful small car has been code named as Lo and will be classified as small minivan in Europe.

Photo by JeanM1

Photo by JeanM1

The new Fiat 500 model will enhance the Fiat status as small cars especially because the design and looks have been made more enhanced. The company is also claiming that they will launch the performance version of 500 in 2012 and it will be marketed under the Abarth brand. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has not yet given any further details of this new model but it is expected that he will reveal the details on Wednesday when he is supposed to show the company’s 5 year plan on Wednesday so we have to wait for that time to get to know more about this amazing model.

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