Nissan updating the Rogue in an effort to attract male customers

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Nissan is one of the top most car brands and it has got fame among public due to its finely designed and technically perfect car’s range. The Rogue is one of the top series by Nissan and this series is considered to the Nissan’s bestselling brand of that year.

Due to the design and features the sale of the previous Rouge was skewed more towards the female customers as compared to the males, according to Nissan’s estimate more than 55 % women bought that car.  So now Nissan has planned a new model to bring in market that will attract the male customers more than the female customers.

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The design features will shift to a more masculine kind of a car and this will be according to the requirements of the male members of the family. The Krom Rogue, on sale Dec. 9, will sticker for about $23,000 in its two-wheel-drive version and about $25,000 as a four-wheel-drive. That’s quite a huge estimate and hopefully this will all go in the estimated path.

This new attempt to attract the male buyers is very praised by the media and channels but will it attract the male buyers?, this mystery will be solved after the launch of this new model.

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