Nissan’s Marketing Proves a Sales Booster in North America

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The practice of launching aggressive advertisement has helped Nissan in North America to gain high sale rate as compared with other Asian auto developers like Honda, Toyota etc and because of this increase in sale, the company is planning to spend some more money on the future advertisements of models of Nissan cars.

Al Castignetti, Nissan Division vice president while in a meeting with dealers said that the company has decided to add $100 million to its national marketing budget just for the sake of further speeding the Sales.

Photo By Which? Car

Photo By Which? Car

In a statement Castignetti said that “We dialed back our spending last year, like everybody else, and this year we’ve been really getting back into the marketing game” and also “A lot of consumers have gone through a philosophical change over the past two years”.

An analyst of, Jessica Caldwell was of the belief that Nissan is earning extra pounds because of the marketing of low-priced deals and according to her “They’ve been very aggressive in promoting attractive monthly prices” and “It’s helping them distance themselves from the other imports”.

Thus Nissan has started a new trend for the promotion of their cars and hopefully in future the other companies will also start working on this strategy.

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