Nissan Expands Use of AHSS in New Vehicle Models

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AHSS in New Vehicle ModelsAuto makers around the world want to make their car more personal and safer and therefore they are introducing some of the best features that can offer better security and protection to the car owners. Nissan has announced that they plan to expand the use of Advanced High Tensile Strength Steel that will cover 25% of the all the automobiles that are produced by the company.


The company said that all the new car models that are going to launch in the market in the future will have advanced high tensile strength steel which will offer better protection and also reduce the weight of the vehicle.

The company said that they have developed 1.2 gigapascal Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability and has employed in the new Infiniti Q50 which will be available for sale in North America in 2013. The company said that before they had developed this new steel for the vehicle parts it was difficult for them to come up with vehicles that have complex shapes and therefore the new steel will also allow them to now experiment with shapes that can stand the pressure of aerodynamics. The new steel will also reduce the weight of the vehicle by 15% to make it more fuel efficient.

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