Nissan EV’s New Electric Car

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Leaf in Japan is producing an electric car that is going to be specially produced in the US. It is being designed to appeal to the ecologically conscious US citizens and keeping up with the global trend of producing ecological cars. Leaf insists that the car would be released by end of 2010.

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The model is tad larger than the usual Versa and is subcompact. It also abides by zero emission laws. The car was unveiled on August 2nd to the world.

Nissan’s international head quarters remain in Yokohama, Japan and Leaf was dedicated at a ceremony there. Leaf is very effective for daily needs and is going to be a rare addition to keep the environment clean and friendly like some of the new generation battery powered cars. Its electric functions at least keep it ahead of several electricity generated cars in North America. This little thing is quite adept with what it is promising.

Leaf EV is a hippy little thing that has been produced with excellent engineering to suit the purpose of the modern day conscious driving. There is an entire battery pack that keeps it close to be a break through electric functioning car.

Source: autoweek

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