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Whether they are trailers for pigs and sheep, or horse trailers, any mode of transportation for livestock must meet certain regulations to ensure the safety of the animal, driver and any other vehicle or person on the road. Reliability and good workmanship are essential factors to a trailer, which enhances the safety of the farmer, livestock and other drivers.

It is important to note that before you buy sheep, you must have a County Parish Holding number which can then be used to acquire a movement license. Licenses are important to ensure that only people with the appropriate equipment and training can transport animals. This ensures that minimal distress falls upon the animal and that a person is aware of what steps to take to minimise the distress. When transporting sheep they should be handled firmly but gently, ensuring that no harm comes to the animal. For example, when loading and unloading sheep you should never pull them by their wool or horns. Pulling a sheep by its wool is comparable to pulling a human by their hair; it causes massive unnecessary distress to the animal. Imagine someone leading you on to a trailer by your hair. Pulling a sheep by the horns is also extremely painful for the animal and though they look tough, too much force can cause the horns to snap.

Livestock trailers should be well-made and reliable trailers. If a trailer isn’t reliable then why use it? Sheep aren’t aware that you own the trailer, and won’t take any steps to prevent damage to the trailer. Therefore this means that the trailer will undergo pretty heavy usage.  A reliable trailer is one that can stand up to this type of usage and doesn’t need too much maintenance. Generally they are constructed to ensure that they meet EU health safety regulations and to improve the quality of livestock transportation. Hudson trailers are a perfect example of this. They are manufactured by Indespension and are reliable forms of transport for livestock. They have certain features that create comfort for the animal and ease of use for the farmer. You can find more information about these trailers by following this link.

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