Much Awaited Futuristic Technological Features of Vehicles

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Future is unseen but sometime some things can be predicted about future especially when we talk about the technology. Technological progress is at a fast pace and it has induced many car manufacturers to use the latest tech-features in their respective vehicles to facilitate the users in an enhanced way. When we look into past we see that cars were quite simpler and now state-of-the-art technical features amazed the user and provide them ease while driving. Thinking futuristically, let’s see what technological features car will have in coming years.

1. Warnings Galore

Do you wana safely drive your car? Warnings Galore will help you to drive safely and you will be able to reduce the chance of collision and crash due to its warning signs. Collision Mitigation system of Warnings Galore warns the driver about the objects which come closer to the vehicles and provides visual as well as auditory warning about the fast speed of your respective vehicle.

2. Eyes All Around

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has asked all the manufacturers of light vehicles to introduce rearview camera as a standard safety feature. Hopefully this rule will be implemented till the end of year 2014. Rearview camera is particularly important when one need to reverse the vehicle especially in high traffic road. The addition of rearview camera will add some cost in overall price of vehicle but it is anticipated that in upcoming years its cost will become negligible.

3. Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision

Pedestrian Detection is must have system for the safety of pedestrians, this system works when any pedestrian comes in your way and it automatically stops the car when the car comes closer to the pedestrian, Volvo 60 has system like pedestrian detection.

Night Vision systems are already working in some of the vehicles like BMW and Mercedes Benz, this system detect the infrared light and intensify the available light so that driver can see the people who move out of range of vehicle headlight. Although Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision system are bit expensive but the value and usefulness delivered by such systems is much more than the price.

4. Trouble-Free Cruising

Easy Cruising is best system for those who wish to maintain their speed on the highway and also want to keep safe distance from other vehicles; this system enables the driver to avoid excessive use of brakes which hinder to achieve the desirable speed. Easy Cruising is available as optional feature on some of the BMW vehicles and Audi A4.

5. Light Weight Materials

Automobile manufacturers always try to improve the mileage of car and use light weight components in different features of vehicles that’s why many leading auto-makers are using carbon fiber instead of steel and aluminum. BMW is using pieces of carbon fiber in many upcoming electric vehicles, use of carbon fiber also help to improve the fuel economy of vehicles.

6. Vehicle-Vehicle Communications

If you want your car to communicate with other vehicles then vehicle-vehicle communication system is made for you and your vehicle. Vehicle-Vehicle communication system helps the driver to avoid accident. This system warns the driver about the cars that pass through the vehicle on the roads; this system will be available soon on many vehicles of leading car manufacturers.

7. Improved Ways of Connectivity

Time is near when connectivity with the friends will be easier while driving and Bluetooth will be introduced as standard feature in vehicles, it is expected that it will be more convenient to pair cell phones with hands-free system in cars in near future.

8. App Central

General Motors supply Wi-Fi for cars with just few dollars and its Wi-Fi system is also available on monthly subscription fee. Popularity of apps among users will also influence the app provider to introduce voice based apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora radio in the infotainment system of vehicles. Soon General Motors has also planned to introduce voice based Facebook updates on its OnStar Communication link.

9. Fuel Sipper Tech

Soaring fuel prices has marked fuel saving as major concern of all the drivers, car engineers are introducing such technologies which will help the drivers to track the fuel economy of vehicles. Regenerative brakes will be introduced as standard feature in gas as well as hybrid vehicles, such brakes recharge the battery automatically when driver put the feet on brakes. To enhance the fuel economy, start and stop function will be available on gas vehicles and when the vehicle will stop on signals such system will turn off the engine and will restart automatically when foot will be removed from the brakes.

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