Most Cost-Efficient Auto Accessories

U.S. Driving Survey Reveals Most Cost-Efficient Auto Accessories

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Recently, a survey of U.S. drivers asked what auto accessories they used most often and which were the most effective at helping them to prevent damage to their vehicle and save them more money in the long run. Some answers were expected, but others were a bit of surprise. You may not even know that some of these products exist, and you may be scrambling to go buy them after you read about their benefits.

Here are some of the most cost-efficient auto accessories revealed in the survey that you might want to consider for your own vehicle:

Car Seat Covers:

Your seats take a beating – especially if you have kids. You might drink a cup of coffee on your way to work, and you might get spills from sudden brakes, fast turns, or just clumsy hands. Most of us eat in our cars a lot, and that leaves behind all kinds of crumbs that get mushed into the seats. Over time, we get stains and foul odors that are hard to get out of the upholstery.

Auto seat covers can protect your upholstery, saving you the cost of shampooing and potential replacement of the fabric. Durable and waterproof seat cover fabrics can protect your upholstery from spills and even from cuts and tears. You can remove the car seat covers to wash them easily. Even if you have to replace the seat covers at some point, you’ll spend less than you would on replacing your upholstery.

Gap Fillers:

Most vehicles have a console between the two front seats. Usually, it contains the shifter, but it almost always has some kind of arm rest or cup holder. The center console is very convenient, but it also creates a gap that allows crumbs and other items to fall between it and the seats. That’s a small space that’s very hard to reach, even with a vacuum hose, so the debris tends to stay there to stagnate and create nasty odors and stains.

A gap filler is a piece of foam wrapped in leather or another fabric that you can wedge into that space and prevent any debris from falling through.

All-Weather Floor Mats:

Besides your upholstery, your floors are likely to take the most damage in your vehicle. Your feet track in all kinds of dirt and gravel that get ground into the carpet fibers and can even wear a hole in the carpets. Add water to the mix, like when it’s raining or snowing outside, and the problem is exacerbated.

You might think that you can prevent this damage by just knocking the dirt and water off your feet before you get into your car. But how often are you actually going to do that? You will often be in a hurry and either forget to do it or decide you don’t want to do it. Or it may be so bad outside that you can’t actually dry or clean your feet because there is mud or rain everywhere. Even if you do wipe, you aren’t going to get everything off. The only way to protect your rugs is to use all-weather floor mats made of rubber or plastic. The rugs underneath will look pristine, even if your mats look dirty.

Bed Liners:

If you drive a truck, you need to take good care of the truck bed. Otherwise, you’ll lose your ability to haul equipment and gear, which is why most people drive a truck anyway. Repairing the bed or the paint job can be quite costly, so you need to do what you can to protect it.

A bed liner can prevent scratching, denting, rusting, and more. You can choose from many types, including spray-on liners and those that fit inside. Explore your options to know which will give you the best protection for the money.

Sun Shades:

UV rays are damaging to more than your skin. They can also fade and destroy your upholstery, interior linings, and more. Plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces can fade, crack, and peel. Even cloth upholstery can fade and feel harder. You can protect your vehicle and make it feel more comfortable when you get inside just by using a sun shade. Just invest in one that is easy to use so that you aren’t grappling with a huge shade every time you want to get into or out of your car.

Your vehicle is a major investment. Don’t lose money on unnecessary repairs or a shorter lifespan on your vehicle. Use the right auto accessories to protect the functionality and comfort of your vehicle.

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