Lincoln’s Small Premium MKC will Debut with Minimum $33,995

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Lincoln Motor Company announces the pricing details of its first small premium MKC vehicle. The cost of a standard car starts from $33,995 and goes as high as you customize the features. The pricing packages are divided into three segments, named Premiere, Select, and Reserve. These packages, from first to third, go high as you add the luxury content. Buyers can choose from these segments the one that equals them.

First seen in LA Auto show in 2013, the all-new small premium MKC will be seen on the roads, somewhere in 2014. It has a 2.3 Liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine with 275 horsepower output capacity. It delights the potential market with all-wheel drive and 19 inch wheels. CCD suspension adds more to the utility of this highly equipped automobile. Other features include: driver assist technologies like park out assist that helps you park the car automatically at the narrow margins, hill start assist and emergency brake assist.

Sensors and detectors give the ride a new life, whether it is active park assist or voice activated navigation. Approach detection, perceive its masters and welcomes them with a glowing welcome mat in front of both the front doors, and faded front and back lights.

The all-new small premium MKC has SelectShift automatic transmission and Active Noise control to make your drive smooth and fast at the same time. Through a small push button, MKC allows its driver to manually shift the gear in automatic transmission.

2015 Lincoln MKC

Airbags and air curtains from dual-stage front, sides, and driver knees, along with four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, are there for driver’s safety. Moreover, the TPMS, SOS, SecurityLock and SecurityCode, rear camera and Premier Alarm, make your asset securer than ever before.

Many projection analysis predict significant revenue figures for the Ford’s subsidiary, as with the pre-defined pricing strategy, MKC tends to shape up the minds of its perspective customers.

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