Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush – A Review

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A Jeep is not for city roads, it’s a monster for the impossible routes. It is meant to be for tough and rough drives, on uneven and rocky terrain. Moab Easter Jeep Safari always showcases these special monster vehicles every year. One such Highlighted Jeep unveiled in the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, 2011 was the very likeable Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush that combines high speed as well as rock crawling capacity and literally crushes through deserts, rough, hilly or rocky terrain.

Already known for its ability and capacity to push and pass all boundaries, the Jeep Wrangler need not prove anything the brand speaks for itself. Successor of the World War II “Jeep” and manufactured by the American automaker of off-road vehicles Chrysler now in its fourth generation have come up with the Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush.

  • Winner all the way

They were awarded with the “Top Domestic Brand Residual Value for the year 2010” and also have won the “Best 4X4 Vehicle of the Decade” by Four Wheeler Magazine and the “Best New Car for Off Roaders” by And with the very handsome, boisterous and agile Jeep wrangler Blue Crush the answer is very clear. For those in serious business and for off road rides a tough performer like the Jeep Wrangler can be their company for everyday commuting.

  • Inspired

With stunning performance of high speed as well as great crawling capacity for hilly terrain the Jeep wrangler blue crush will not disappoint you. Definitely its inspiration comes from the King of Hammers race in the Californian deserts.

  • Rugged and defined look

Build tough these is not for those sleek, cute, funky looking luxury vehicle lovers, the Jeep wrangler crush with its muscular, rugged yet defined look comes in the Iconic Blue colour with short aluminium bumpers, full cage, race seats, fuel cell, LED headlights and light bar is meant for those looking for off road and high speed in their vehicle. The Mopar gadgets are well placed in the centre in a custom-designed aluminium dash that holds the, speedometer, voltmeter, tachometer, transmission temperature, coolant temperature, and fuel level. The rigs switchgear is placed in a 12Voltguy switch panel.

  • The Monster of the road

The 39 inch tyre looks majestic and can let our imagination go wild thinking about it’s off roads suspension performance on rocky and uneven terrain. You will be zapped looking at its mighty and hulking Mopar 426 cubic-inch HEMI V8 engine which gives a 540 horsepower output with a 545RFE performance transmission. Keeping up with the suspension of the engine the makers have ensured that the Mopar engine actual pull and give a great performance in terms of high speed and off road suspension by taking care of the internal bypass shocks, a full hydro steering and front stabilizer bar.

  • Other features

A pair of CBR Performance transmission coolers with 12-inch electric fans is mounted to the rollcage behind the passenger area. There is a 16-gauge steel roof skin attached to the rollcage. All credits to the Blue Crush rolls on 39×13.50-17 BFGoodrich Krawler tyres which are mounted on a set of 9-inch-wide Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels. The tyres and the wheels are the reason for its great performance in a way.

To conclude it’s a great utility vehicle for off roads and Chrysler the automakers have created a great engineering marvel. Riding the Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush, the beastly two seater an extreme modification of a truck and a jeep concept is dynamic and imposing, not a child play but really serious drive for the brave hearts for off road adventure.

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