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JP014_010GCOulitre diesel engine, and changes to the interior and exterior designs. The modifications are to push up the ranking of the Grand Cherokee so that it may compete with the Mercedes-Benz ML and the Land Rover’s LR4. Will it be up for another award? As we know the Grand Cherokee has received more awards than any other SUV on the road! That isn’t the only makeover Jeep is prepared to give. Jeep has also decided to update versions of the 2014 Compass and the Patriot compact crossovers.

Appreciating customer feedback and mending flaws both models will feature new six-speed automatic opposed to the continuously variable transmission they once had. Not only are both these models receiving makeovers as well but they are going to be shaped towards the Grand Cherokee. In turn they’ll have better materials, seat-mounted side airbags, and more sound deadening. Not satisfied with that, could use some more new toys? There’s the new 2014 Cherokee, the first Fiat-based Jeep. It will feature front wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive system especially for off-roading.

Also featuring the technology gratefully admire, automatic parking and 8.4-inch centre-stack screen. In addition the new Cherokee will deliver more efficient fuel economy against the Jeep Liberty it is to replace. All of the fancy add-ons, features, and new color schemes would really be a waste hard earned money and time if there weren’t business profit expectations to go along with the glamour. Jeep’s unit sales reached over 700,000 unites last year, hitting a record for the brand. In 1999 they set a benchmark of 675,494 so Jeep is parasailing along in their endeavors. Their five year plan is to reach 800,000 units globally by 2014, and next year is expected to be their biggest sale year for this goal. Essentially because they are re-uniting with China. Jeep has always been one to watch with an all-star lineup of upgrades to come and a crowd of eager consumers ready to receive their ambitions, it is likely that Jeep will make history in the next few years to come. Read more about Jeep news at

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