Jaguar Premieres New Sports Crossover Concept in Dubai

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Concept vehicles are always in demand at some of the best auto shows and Jaguar has been focusing on displaying some of the futuristic technologies and concepts that they have for the consumers. Jaguar has now come up with their new C-X17 sports crossover concept vehicle that was premiered at the Dubai International Motor Show 2013. Jaguar is keen on bringing out the best sports crossover vehicles and this concept vehicle displays the design and the kind of technologies that will be incorporated in some of the forthcoming vehicles by the automaker.

During the premiere Jaguar announced that they are focusing on the next generation lightweight technologies and therefore the new C-X17 has all new advanced aluminum monocoque architecture that makes the entire vehicle lighter and more fuel efficient. Jaguar also mentioned that while the car will be lightweight it will be able to better stability to the car that is also equally important. This new technology will be incorporated in some of the midsize segment sedans that will be launched in 2015.

New Sports Crossover Concept

At the exhibition, Jaguar also said that this new concept vehicle will be an example of how they will bring modular and new architecture to their future vehicles. The new sports crossover will also have the right design and character that offers better performance and flexibility. It also has the sleek lines and sophistication that most of the Jaguar cars are known for around the world. The new vehicles in the future will come up with high output fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines that will be produced at Land Rover’s new UK engine manufacturing facility. With the combination of the new design and architecture and engine future Jaguar sports crossovers will be able to exceed speeds of 186 mph while decreasing the level of emissions which is important for better environment.

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