Inexpensive Ways To Improve Your Car’s Appearance

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It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Ford Focus or a Ferrari LaFerrari. The truth is, after a few years your car’s exterior will look somewhat weathered and tired.

A lot of car owners do their best to wash their cars on a regular basis. But, they sometimes have to fight a constant battle against the elements. And even the man-made environment around them.

Has your car seen better days? If so, and you’re strapped for cash, there are some inexpensive ways to improve its appearance. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn how!

Revive those headlights

After a few years of getting exposed to the environment, your car’s headlights will start to look a bit sorry for themselves!

The ultra-violet rays from the sun will give your poor headlights a battering. As a result, they will start to look yellow, faded and discoloured. By now, you might be thinking that you will have to spend a few hundred buying some new headlights, right?

Here’s the thing; you can revive your headlights without spending a small fortune! There are plenty of headlight revival kits that you can buy on the market to make them look like new again. The kits usually involve you polishing out any coatings that are discolouring your headlights.

Buy some new registration plates

Are your registrations plates looking worn and damaged? Buying some brand new replacements will help to freshen up the exterior of your car. I once owned a Volkswagen Golf that otherwise looked fine apart from the old plates spoiling the view.

After buying a new set, the car looked like a million bucks! It’s a quick and cheap way to improve your car’s aesthetics. That’s why a lot of car dealers like will make sure the cars they sell have new plates if they look damaged!

Treat your car to a makeover

Let’s face it; most car owners are busy people. They don’t have the time to spend washing and cleaning their workhorses for an hour let alone an entire day.

Those same people will doubtless take their cars to automatic car washes. You know; the ones where those huge revolving brushes traverse the contours of your car’s exterior. The trouble with using these convenient car washes is that your car’s bodywork will have swirl marks and scratches.

That is because the brushes move all hard dirt across the car. A manual car wash is better because a pressure washer blasts the dirt away before the car’s bodywork gets brushed.

You can treat your car to a makeover by using a manual car wash. There are plenty of places that you can drive through, and a human, rather than a machine, washes your car for you.

You can also pay for a detailer to come out to your home or place of work. They will be able to perform a full detail including paintwork correction and protection.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article. Let me know if you’ve found the tips in it useful!

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