How to Give Your Car a Quick Makeover

How to Give Your Car a Quick Makeover

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Giving a car a makeover is almost like a cheat code for car owners – it is almost like getting a brand new car without having to spend anything at all. Giving car makeovers however, has been often wrongly classified as a super expensive task, which is why a lot of car owners tend to shy away from putting any form of effort into improving their car, selling it to make another purchase. This practice however, is based on false evidence and partially the laziness of the car owners, as there are ample ways to give a car a quick makeover just by following some simple steps. Here’s what car owners are needed to do.

Clean the vehicle

A makeover level cleaning session is much more different than the usual weekly cleaning sessions all cars go through. The first step is to give the car a complete scrub down. The car owner should start from the outside. Taking the car through a car wash is advisable. If the owner wants to do it him/herself, they must make sure to clean off all the dirt, muddy particles, sand particles and all the grime that usually accumulates on the exterior. Before taking the car to a professional, it is highly recommended that the car is waxed as well so that the car wash provider doesn’t get to charge exorbitant fees. Getting a car wax kit can be a simple and cost-effective way to do so.

The car owner must also wash the undercarriage and the wheels of the car. Once the exterior has been tackled, the interior must be properly organized, dusted, and scrubbed leaving no spots untouched.

Tune up

Like all new cars, a ‘makeover car’ must have that engine roar that pleases the ear. In order to make sure that the engine is roaring properly, taking the car for a full inspection and tune-up check is a must. It may seem odd but a good tune-up job can get the driver feeling he or she is driving a completely new car.

Paint job

The paint job is an essential part of the makeover and also a part which makes people think that giving a car a makeover is a costly process. The paint job can be simply initiated by fixing all the flaws and chipped off paint marks with paint pens. Then, getting a new topcoat can be easier and less costly and the car can look as bright as new.

Upgrade features

This part is completely up to the car owners. If they truly want to try out something different with their cars, upgrading a few external or interior features can be a great idea. Be it a better quality sound system, new steering wheels, or a cool new racing pedal kit – there are several options available that will test any car owners’ creativity!

Giving a car a makeover is giving the car a new lease of life and a new identity. Not only does it help car owners extend the lifespan of their cars, but it also tests their creativity.

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