Honda has Launched “Study Break” Tour to Endorse 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe

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This is the era of strategic marketing campaign, companies design strategic campaigns to compete with their rivals in an enhanced way. When it comes to automobile industry strategic and social marketing is the actual meaning of marketing for the sake of survival.

Honda the leading automobile company has launched a social marketing campaign to endorse the new six models of Honda Civic model year 2012. This campaign is named as “Study Break” and it has been launched at some of the universities of West Coast Torrance, Calif. You might be thinking why Honda has targeted universities, answer is simple, it wants to attract the young generation. In addition it aims to provide them with an opportunity to discover the civic lineup.

Brand Manager of American Honda Motor Corp, Inc. Tom Peyton said, “The goal of civic “Study Break” tour is to engage with young buyers and introduce them to the all-new Civic, It offers a unique and fun way for students to learn about the Civics’ new interactive technologies and personalization features”.

Honda has also planned some incentives to attract the young buyers and an opportunity to win Honda Civic Si Coupe 2012, to win this chance they have to register themselves on official site of this campaign i.e. . The campaign, “Study Break”, will also offer an opportunity to discover various civic models and by texting the particular codes of vehicles they could also win a free lunch.

The schedule and name of universities that includes in “Study Break” Tour; University of Arizona on 28th of April, University of Southern California on 3rd of May, University of California, Los Angeles on 5th of May, Stanford University on 10th of May and University of California, Berkley on 12th of May.

Honda Civic is the ever green car, out of all the models it has gained immense popularity and it has been ranked among the cars that will rule next 10 years. That’s why Honda is too much focused towards its production and promotion.

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