General Motors seeking new talented chairman according to Whitacre

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As seen some weeks ago Fritz Henderson resigned as the CEO General Motors and Ed Whitacre was placed as an interim CEO and now it has been said by Whitacre that GM is looking for a very talented new CEO who should be a stronger leader that can take over GM for a brilliant future. According to him Mr. Fritz was not interested in his job for long term that’s why he had to leave. While talking about the new CEO Whitacre said that “A person that’s a motivating, inspirational leader that’s familiar with big companies — manufacturing or industrial — would be helpful”

Photo by TechShowNetwork

Photo by TechShowNetwork

The GM has got a reputation as a company whose culture lacks accountability but Whitacre strongly opposed this statement while saying that “There’s nothing wrong with the culture here. I know that word is used a lot, and I guess it’s open to definition. We really have some talented people here”. This passing of thoughts and their response will carry on forever all we have to see is that who would be that extra talented and strong man which GM will chose as its CEO. At this time Whitacre is acting as a CEO but he is only getting his salary as a Chairman the seat for more than $500,000 is still vacant and GM board of directors are desperately searching for a one.

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