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Expect These Techs in The Future Cars

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Electric car sales in the US are surging, thanks mainly to Tesla Model S, Model X, Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf.  It’s not that other automakers are not building EVs, infact most big automakers are shifting their vision from combustion engines to all-electric motors for greener environment. This change of plans brings to us the most advanced cars of all-time that cannot only drive themselves, park themselves but can also make intelligent decisions. YourParkingSpace did some work on the Future Cars and brought to us the future car technologies we should expect in the near future.

The parking company has developed an infographic which shows the future cars will be equipped with safety sensors to monitor and take control of the vehicle to avoid collisions, advanced theft protection systems to evade car theft, biometric system to open the vehicle, advanced cameras for 360 degree view of the surroundings and so on.

There is plenty of knowledge they like to share with us. Go through the infographic below for details:

Future Car Infographic

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