Ford EcoBoost Engine Sets Higher Standards

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While most car companies are focusing on bringing out better car driving experiences to their consumers Ford engineers have been working in their workshops on bringing out the best engines that they can install in their vehicles. Ford’s new patented 1.0 liter three cylinder EcoBoost  engine has been one of the best mechanical inventions that will change the way car companies think about introducing powerful engines. Ford has now claimed that their new 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine offers better performance than any other three cylinder engine in the market and it is also the most quiet and smooth engines in its class.

Ford believes that the engine performs so well mainly because of innovative engine mounts, flywheel and pulley that reduces the vibrations that are usually common in three cylinder engines. Ford engineers said that they have often dump the three cylinder engine in the past but the new EcoBoost engine is a no-compromise engine and will offer better performance and economy and smoothness all at the same time. The company has also gone ahead and offered chance to various other engineers to check out the engine performance and most believe that the all new EcoBoost engine really performs way ahead of regular three cylinder engines.

Ford has already made an announcement that they will introduce this engine for the first time with the 2014 Ford Fiesta. The engine has already won four major international awards and Ford believes that it will soon replace some of the top engines that are popular in the market right now.

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