Ford Bringing Out-Class Fuel Economy with 2011 Explorer

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The fuel economy has nowadays become a major concern of the auto mobile developers of the world and among those developers Ford has tried to acquire the top position by introducing the best in-class fuel economy with its direct injection, 2.0-liter EcoBoost four mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The company says that the new truck will deliver V6 power with four cylinder fuel economy which is absolutely amazing, thus the company is really working well for the new model of truck and it is going to become a flagship model of company when considered for the fuel economy.

Photo By bogowonto2010

Photo By bogowonto2010

When you’ll see the other specifications of the 2011 Ford Explorer then you’ll surely love this new development from Ford’s side. The model has been built to bring the desirable off-road performance that most of the SUV’s owners expects from their car.

Ford has claimed that the new truck has taken quite much time in the wind tunnel, the side mirrors of the latest model have been reshaped and extra work has been done to harmonize the front air dam and rear liftgate spoiler for a slippery shape.

The model is expected to get released finally till 2011 and at that time it will earn a great name for the company as it has got the capabilities for that.

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