Fiat 500L – A New and Improved Addition to the Fiat Family

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Fiat 500LThe newly released Fiat 500L is the first new model within the 500 family. The main difference between the original 500 and the 500L is that the newest edition has added features and improvements, by taking inspiration from a number of MPVs in the market.

The 500L is longer and wider, designed at almost 4.2 metres

There are even more storage facilities built into this car. It has added a new level of comfort for all passengers in this 5 seater vehicle as the rear passengers are provided with more legroom. As well as being a practical car it still encompasses the fun feel of the original. There are 4 engine choices; a 94bhp 1.4 petrol, 84bhp 1.3 diesel, 104bhp Twinair 0.9 petrol and the 1.6 diesel 105bhp variant.

This is a market space which could prove vital for Fiat in the coming years as they look to expand their range. It is rumored that a 7 seat version of the 500L will be available later this year, and the 500X (a mini SUV) could appear late this year / early 2014. Check out your near by auto dealers for a test drive and if you are in UK, one suggestion from our end would be Thames Motor Group.

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