Ferrari Set Up a New Record in Nürburgring

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Ferrari 599XX

Ferrari one of the greatest racing sensation has bought another great excitement for its lovers, it has been reported by Ferrari that one of its fantastic model 599XX has set its record on legendary Nürburgring. The company has claimed that a production derived sports car has bested the seven minute barrier on the classic 12.9-mile Nordschleife circuit, and the total numbers of laps completed were 6 and it took 58.16 seconds.

Photo by xman777ca

Photo by xman777ca

The 599XX was an inspired model from 599 GTO and it is a technologically better than the earlier version and this is the fantastic track machine developed by Ferrari but it is not for the official competition use. This amazing machinery is powered by V12 engine and it also features the Ferrari’s high performance dynamic concept, with that the fantastic styling adds up the style of this car. Apart from the designing and specifications what the main concern is that this production model has made the people amazed with its new record and some people also claims that this is not a production model because you can’t take it to the roads yet the lap time is still very amazing.

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