Ferrari F430 Successor Almost Ready

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Ferrari F430Ferrari F430 has had its show; it is time for the old chum to say good bye and give way for an all-new dazzling successor. The F430 will be followed by a newer model that may either be named F450 or F470. This model will soon be appearing in October according too some sources, in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As far as innovations are concerned, the engineers are doing a great job, and are happy about their work, too. This car is going to have double clutch transmission to replace the F1 system. This system has been taken from the California. The California is a compact vehicle, which is not by any means heavier than the current F1-type unit. It does not only render a smooth and comfortable shift on a normal road, but rather it provides an immediate and instant go on the tracks, too. Then, there is a direct gasoline injection engine. It is being anticipated that the V8 engine will make more than 500 hp.

According to the engineers, this new model will possess an improved level of performance than its predecessor. Also, fuel consumption will significantly reduce. There won’t be anything like kinetic energy recovery system in this fresh model. To improve ride comfort, California has a multilink rear end. Still, engineers think that they can touch the comfort level of California in F430 successor with the help of adaptive damping. This is going to be a speedy sports car on the tracks of racing. To keep in under control, brakes must be powerful; this is why carbon composite brakes will be used as standard brakes.

standard brakes

Now let us talk about the aero advancements and enhancements. In this field, special ducts have been introduced for the purpose of removing air form areas that have high pressure. An example of such areas is wheel arches. The air will be removed from such areas, and will be taken out thereof without disorder in coiled jets at the back.


A system is under examination of engineers these days that is called “the on-board race engineer”. This system is related to enhanced driver information. As the name suggests, this system will prove positively useful to the driver in many ways. Warm up and cool down info will be constantly broadcasted to the driver through this system.

Ferrari F430

Size of the current mid engine V8 will remain the same, according to sources, except few slight changes and modifications. Track width and wheelbase will be increased. Certain amalgamated substances are reported to be used in the car in order to cut mass, but aluminum is still going to lead in ratio; so leave the worries of a non-impressive looking vehicle.


It has been told that the major concern of Ferrari is two things that are creating hurdles in its way to build a lightweight car; crash protection and emissions compliance. Both of these things require addition to the size, as well as to the engine ancillaries. Nonetheless, let us wait till the manufactured product comes in front of us.

Source: motortrend

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