Exciting New Models revealed at the LA Motor Show

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And, no, we don’t mean girls. We pick the most exciting bits so far.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota has unveiled that its latest model will be more dynamic. Physically smaller than its predecessors, the fourth generation RAV4 is 50mm shorter lengthways and 25mm shorter height-wise but is slightly wider. It will also have a smaller engine, the efficient V4 instead of a V6. Sportier suspension and electric power steering, the car will be easier to drive.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

This is what happens when engineers are allowed free range. A 622bhp 6.2-litre V8 engine, carbon-fibre, spoiler, diffusers, it looks like a designers dream. The AMG is the fifth in a series of limited production Black Series models, carrying over some of the aerodynamic and mechanical developments from the SLS AMG GT3 race car.

The Black Series road car keeps some of the race car’s engine features, including a larger inlet manifold, high lift camshaft, revised valve tappets, revised oil system, lighter bearings and stiffer conrods. The rev limit is raised by 800rpm to 8000rpm. The exhaust system is now of titanium construction providing a 13kg reduction in weight and reduced back pressure, and apparently a better noise.

New ‘i’ Brand for BMW

Another electric car means that the green car market is really hotting up. The ‘i’ sub-brand will be the range of electric cars from BMW. The show car, the i3 will go on sale at the end of next year. The body panels are plastic, but the structure of the car is made of carbon fibre.

The car weighs a considerable amount less than the BMW Active-E electric car that is based on the 3-Series sedan. The i3 will have a range of about 100 miles, and the lithium-ion battery that powers the car produces 168 horsepower and 184-lb. ft. of torque. The electric motor drives the rear wheels of the car, and the weight is evenly distributed between the front and back.

Cars on the Road Now

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