Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Electric Cars

The automakers had long looked for alternative to the conventional fuel automobile and finally the whole world saw the solution in the form of electric cars. Now days the electric car has become a fever that is ruling the mind of every automaker. Basically the electric cars use electric motors and motor controllers for the purpose of propulsion and the electric cars have been also named as the green cars that are completely environment friendly which produce zero emulsion. The demand of electric cars is also becoming higher because of the consistently increasing price of fuel in the international markets. Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of electric cars so that you may learn more about the electric car.


  • Photo by thingermejig

    Photo by thingermejig

    The first and foremost advantages of having an electric car is that it is not required to carry it to any station for recharge because the electricity is available everywhere and you can easily perform the recharge of your car at home.

  • Another big benefit of the electric cars is that they are completely environment friendly and the zero emission of fuel means 0% damage to environment and air pollution.
  • The efficiency of electric cars is also fantastic as compared to the other gasoline powered cars. Electric motors use most of their energy to propel the car while the gasoline cars use 20-30% of its energy to move the car.
  • The operations of the electric cars are more easily controllable that make the engine run as easily and efficiently as required but this thing is not available in the gasoline engine cars.
  • The engine design of the electric cars is so simple that it requires very little maintenance and last even more than the internal combustion engines.


  • One of the major problems of the electric cars is the price of building the electric cars that is more than the affordable car’s range of many people of the world.
  • The number of service facilities provided for the models of electric cars is very limited which make it really hard for the owners to bring their cars to the repair shops.
  • The number available models of electric cars are very limited and also due to the limited edition of these models the price of these cars are quite high.
  • Due to the lack of modern battery technology the electric cars are limited to some particular distance that can be driven before the battery reaches to the complete end.

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