DODGE Now Known As Ram Trucks

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DODGEDodge trucks are extremely popular in this country. Why is that? Well, for starters, Dodge is famous for its trucks and has been for almost a hundred years. Dodge built and marketed light trucks beginning in 1914 and then they introduced their heavy-duty trucks in the 1930s and 1940s. World War Two saw the development of Dodge’s four-wheel drive trucks and then smartly, Dodge made a civilian line of four-wheel drive trucks after the war. These trucks did okay, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that Dodge trucks really began to take off.

They added the powerful and legendary Cummins diesel engine to their pickups, which automatically put them in a class all their own. The trucks were seen as durable and reliable and people bought them because they were workhorses that never quit. They also had a strong towing capacity and they looked pretty cool, which was quite attractive to many tradesmen and sports enthusiasts alike.

Dodge Ram is famous today, there’s no doubt about it. Mention that name and one gets the picture immediately. The image is unmistakable: the strength and durability of the mountain ram. The symbolism of the ram hood ornament on these superb trucks is not lost on consumers who are looking to buy one of the best trucks on the market. It’s no wonder that the Dodge Ram has been awarded Truck of the Year four times by Motor Trend Magazine. The accolades are well deserved.

Dodge Ram’s main attraction seems to be its rightful reputation as a tough, tenacious and durable machine. Just looking at one of these vehicles will make you envious. Everyone wants one because everybody can relate and identify with being on the winning team. Dodge Ram trucks are the winning team.

Whether you buy a Ram truck with a V8 or a diesel engine, you’re going to be getting a truck that lasts. Lynch CDJ and Ram believes, you’ll be driving a truck that can outlast its competitors in towing, fuel efficiency, dependability and comfort. These trucks don’t let people down because they are built tough and they’re designed for a long life on the road. Whether that road is a brand new freeway or a rocky, dirt road in the backcountry, the Dodge Ram will always get you where you want to go. Strength, durability and dependability are the trucks that Dodge builds. They are also the trucks that America drives.

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