Customization For Your SUV

Best Ways of Customization For Your SUV

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If you are an adventurer and love your sports utility vehicle then you must have thought about upgrading it for better performance and comfort. Well if you don’t have the budget to buy a brand new and expensive SUV laden with futuristic features and driving assistance systems. Worry not, we have got the best customization that you can put on your current SUV that will not only improve the ride quality and performance but will also make your SUV much cooler.

Take a look at the best ways to customize your SUV on a budget below:

Let It Breath:

Just like yourself, your vehicle’s engine needs oxygen to work. If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance, the best way to do so is by changing the standard air intake and filters with high-quality aftermarket ones. They will definitely give a little performance boost and a lighter ride.

If you are a frequent off-roader, then it’s best to consider upgrading your air intake with a snorkel as it will help you cross rivers and streams more easily.

You High Bro?

Sports utility vehicles are higher than normal cars because they need more road clearance to deal with rough and rocky terrains. Standard factory suspensions are high, but not high enough for some terrains. If you’re a more professional off-roader then you’ll need a suspension lift or custom high-performance suspension to conquer the extreme terrains.

Extra Protection:

Even if you have lifted suspensions the underbody of your SUV is prone to damage by the obstacles on the terrain like rocks and tree trunks. It is essential to install a skid plate under your SUV before taking it off-road. Again, if you’re a professional off-roader and like to take on extreme terrains then it is advised that you go for full coverage underbody protection that will prevent damage to major parts like fuel tank and oil and transmission pans.

You can also add rock sliders, fender flares and paint protection film for additional safety of the vehicle body. Furthermore, you can install Pro comp wheels for strength and style.


This is an essential and important upgrade to any conventional SUV as they are very noisy on the tarmac. It is really a nuisance to travel long distances on an off-road vehicle because of the noises such as roaring of the engine and exhaust, tire buzz, the rattling of the vehicle body and whistling of the wind. Thankfully enough it is cheap and easy to get rid of all these noises by using foams, insulations and damping mats. There are also sound deadening sprays available in the market that can be applied to parts of your cars that can’t be matted.


Getting an aftermarket winch is a very common uncertainty among SUV owners. It is not essentially a requirement but most off-roaders will recommend you to get one anyway. The reason for this is that even though you may not use your winch but the one time that you will need to use it; it will definitely pay for itself many times over. You will want a high-performance winch for your SUV.

If you don’t like the visuals of your winch, you can always customize it with aftermarket parts. There are some very good aftermarket manufacturers like Warn Winch accessories that are reliable and beautiful.

Drive Assistance:

It is really challenging to back an SUV into a small space, even more so to crawl over narrow terrains while off-roading. Many SUVs are equipped with assistive technologies such as rear cameras and parking sensors. Don’t sweat, if yours isn’t. There are many aftermarket rear cameras and parking sensor systems based on the radar that you can get your hands on in less than $100 for high-quality ones.

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