What is Courier insurance?

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There’s no doubt that there are many things that need to be set in place when you first begin working as a courier driver. One of the most important things (if not the most important thing) on your list should be to ensure that you have the proper insurance. Finding suitable insurance is critical. Not only is having insurance required by law but having the correct policy that will cover all your needs will also provide you with a peace of mind while you are working.

Quite simply, the aim of Courier Insurance is to protect not only you but your vehicle and its cargo as well. As most often are the case, a courier will be transporting a client’s valuable packages, and they will be exposed to more risks since they spend a significant amount more time on the road than does the average driver. It’s an established fact that many of these risks are not covered under a standard insurance policy.

This is exactly the time when it makes sense to compare courier insurance. This type of insurance is designed specifically to address the unique risks that couriers are exposed to. The proper courier insurance policy will provide cover should your cargo be either lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

There is no doubt that obtaining this type of cover, can sometimes be a bit confusing due to the undeniable fact that there are indeed so many types of cover that are available such as Courier Van, Courier Fleet, Public Liability, and Goods in Transit. It’s important, that you make the time to understand all that’s involved while making sure that the policy you are about to purchase is a correct one that will address your specific needs.

It’s a fact that a standard business car policy will provide cover as to the value of the vehicle, plus any damage that you might cause to people and their property, and even other vehicles, however, it won’t provide cover for the goods you are transporting. It is of course in no way illegal to transport goods while having a standard business insurance policy on your vehicle but, it is certainly not wise for you to take the chance.

There is absolutely no question that being a courier can be an extremely lucrative career for those that play by the rules. There are many folks that choose to work part-time as a courier in order to supplement their day job. Should you decide to get involved in this trade, it is vital that you speak to a knowledgeable insurance specialist that can give you proper and appropriate advice.

Making sure you have the right type of insurance cover in place when both your cargo and vehicle are essential to your business, makes all the difference. This very special type of insurance is specifically designed to deal with the unique risks that couriers will face as they operate their business including:

  • Multiple Stops During a Trip
  • The Varying Nature of Cargo and its Value
  • High Daily Mileage

Should you not obtain the correct courier insurance policy, this could have the results of points on your license, a fine, or even possibly a driving ban, which would without a doubt be a bad thing, especially if you need to drive in order to make a living.

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