Cars For You This Christmas 2012-2013

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Santa always rode on his reindeer sleigh and that’s the way we have it. Hey Santa cannot gift you a car, you need to purchase them which again depends on the jingle in your pockets this Christmas. December being the best times of the year to buy Cars, and there are hoards of SUV, Sedan, Coupe, Convertible or wagons which are out in the market. There is the diesel, hybrid, electricity or petrol run cars. Listed below are some of the cars which are cool affordable trendy and some expensive. So this Christmas which special cars are you planning to buy?

Honda Fit 2013

If you’re looking out for the best affordable small car that fits your Christmas budget then the Honda Fit sure fits the Bill. With sufficient passenger as well as cargo place this small wonder gives you a good ride, acceleration and handling. With the standard USB port, optional Bluetooth connectivity and navigation, it is recommended as the best affordable car.

Volkswagen Golf 2013

With affordability if you are looking for a powerful vehicle then the Volkswagen Golf can be your car this Christmas. Stylish as it looks with its high quality interiors, comfortable cabin space and powerful engine which is fuel efficient this car may be slight expensive in the category of affordable cars but never the less its performance, many features, impressive space can really make it the right choice for daily commuting.

Volkswagen Beetle

It looks like the Beetle is back. With a Turbo model after a complete makeover to a more macho masculine exterior with a better fuel economy and is a fun ride.

Chevy Camaro ZL1

The strong and sturdy Chevy Camaro is a great performance sports car and you will love everything about this one. Its unmatched muscle power, performance, precision with the magnetic Ride control, the 4 wheel independent suspension and world class breaking is worth the try so if you are a sports car freak and desire a sports car then just go for it.

Ford Fiesta 2013

The Ford Fiesta comes with a grand entry with the hatchback and sedan in six fuel efficient model ie the S, SE, and Titanium in both the hatchback and sedan. Its fuel efficiency, driving dynamics. It’s just a matter of choice and you can enjoy the fiesta for its sporty performance, agile and exhilaration experience.

Lotus Evora

A funky sports car which is trendy and unique because of it being the only one of its kind 2 +2 model in sports car. Known for its comfort, great interiors and a smart trendy design the Lotus Evora is going to battle with the likes of the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and Porsche Cayman S.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Sport

A real champ among the sports car, with its stylish and sophisticated look this one is full fun with its crazy hp of over 1001 and boasting a maximum speed of 400km per hour. A great Christmas pick.

There are many cars out for you. With the festivities already begun again wishing one and all a joyous, prosperous and safe Christmas. Don’t let the joys and happiness of this festive season get the better of them. Drive safe whether it is to get a gift to place under the tree or to reach for the midnight service or just to reach the Christmas dance on time.

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