An innovation in RC racing

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Electric CarRadio Controlled car racing is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world now-a-days. As it is a good test for your racing skills. Basically there are two types of radio controlled racing cars, one is electrically controlled and the other is gas controlled. The Radio Controlled racing cars are easy to maintain and you can run then almost anywhere as there are no environmental hazards involved.

The Radio Controlled Cars are mainly of two types:

1. Eclectric Radio Controlled Cars

These types of cars the most commonly available in market as the they are easy to handle and the toy manufacturer mostly go for electric RC cars.


  • These cars are virtually noise free which means you can actually run them anywhere, into any place, can use them for any purpose, such it also been featured in movie that Electric RC cars are used for making videos and spying over bad guys.
  • A second advantage of Electric RC cars is that they are smoke free as there is no combustion reaction involved.


  • These have limited running time as it depends upon the batteries used.
  • These have limited power as it has limited speed as well.

2. Gas Powered Radio Controlled cars

The Gas powered Radio Controlled Cars are not run by any gasoline but a special mixture of fuel is required to make them run.


  • Gas powered RC cars are much faster than the electric RC cars.
  • These cars consumed less fuel as compared to the consumption of batteries in electric RC cars.


  • Combustion reaction is involved and smoke is evolved, so you cannot run this car indoors.
  • It makes noise.

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