Acura Becomes Sole Sponsor of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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OPENING_STILL_1Acura has been trying to make their impression in the United States auto market and now the company has made an announcement that they have signed to be the sole sponsor of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which is a popular web series. The automaker said that this is an award winning series and therefore they would like to sponsor all 24 new episodes that will be released in the year 2013 and 2014. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was created in the year 2012 and stars Jerry Seinfield. Acura said that they have already worked with Seinfield when they had come up with the 2012 Super Bowl commercial. This time as well Seinfield will add various Acura products like the new Acura MDX in the web series.

Sharing more information about the collaboration Jerry Seinfield said that they are so glad that Acura has decided to sponsor the entire web series and they have taken the step forward to support us with whatever we do. He said that not everybody on the planet can understand the things that we do. He applauded Acura for the kind of vision and guts that the automaker has to support the web series and sponsor it completely. He said that Acura has always tried to defy convention and this time again they are doing the same things by supporting the web series.

On the other hand, Acura said that together they will come up with better approach and will showcase the content around the consumer. The auto company said that they will integrate short relevant ads at the beginning and end of each episode for the consumers. Mike Accavitti Acura SVP of Auto Operations said that they like the fan first approach that Jerry Seinfield has come up with and the great content that is being created that reaches the right kind of people.

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