5 Top Electric Cars of All Times

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Electric cars are something really serious these days and despite their small sizes, odd looks, they have the ability to surprise everyone with their exceptional performance. It’s not now that these electric cars have begun to inspire us with their exceptional performance, as they have been doing so for quite some time and it’s really a difficult task to pick the best when it comes to their performance, as they all have been doing great in their respective times. Here is the list of top five electric cars that has been based on the best available information; however, you wouldn’t reckon it the final word on this topic.

1) Chevy S-10 aka Smoke Screen

Dennis Berube built Chevy S-10 alias Smoke Screen is considered the fastest street legal electric car in the world. Dennis Berube has also built EV dragster that is also known as Current Eliminator. The S-10 boasts 11.083 @ 120 and just goes to 60mph mere in two and a half second.

Chevy S-10

2) 1972 Electric Datsun

It’s impressive design is enough to tell every story about this one of the fastest electric monsters in the world this pacey machine or to be more precise rocket just gets to 0 to 60 in 2.95 seconds while 130mph figure has been estimated as its top speed.

Electric Datsun

3) The Wrightspeed X1

With its Ariel Atom and 3-phae AC inducting motor that AC Propulsion is quite well-known for, the Wrightspeed X1 handsomely reaches 0-60 mph in just 3.07 seconds. Like Tesla Roadster, the Wrightspeed seems quite impressive with its AC power plant. There are lithium polymer batteries to power its electrical system. It’s without clutch, shifting and it takes you to 112mph in the first gear. It has a 100mile range that is equivalent to 175 mpg overall.

Wrightspeed X1

4) The AC Propulsion tzero

AC Propulsion tzero was the first vehicle in the world that showed quite an amazing performance with its li-ion of the shelf laptop batteries and seems quite furious with its 0-60mph capability in 3.6 seconds. No doubt about it that the present day li-on battery electrification move in the automobile was introduced by this very vehicle. Alan Conconi, a former GM engineer, originally fitted the 165kw 3phase AC motor in the Honda Civic, but as it was a front wheel drive, so couldn’t show the full potential of it.

AC Propulsion tzero

5) The Tesla Roadster

With its impressive 53kwh Li-ion battery and 185kw 3phase AC motor, this AC propulsion tzero production version is claimed as the fastest electric sports car in production that goes to 0-60mph in just 3.9seconds. There is a gas guzzling 110liter engine in the Ferrari Enzo that needs hefty $58 for filling in the US while $175 if you are in some European country, while in the Tesla Roaster you can enjoy the same nice performance with the fill of just $5.00.

Tesla Roadster

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