5 Best Cars for City Driving

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City Driving

Urban driving is considered to be quite more difficult as compared to the open road driving because during the inner city driving you’ll face a dense jungle of cars, restrictive parking situations, too many signals, pedestrians and many other factors. It has been seen that the cars which gives marvelous open road performance, becomes quite miserable in the city driving. So while keeping in mind the urban city driving, many cars’ developers have developed some really amazing models for the inner city driving. Among the different models of cars the best suitable cars for urban driving are analyzed on the basis of features like parking sensors, backup camera, performance, ride quality, cabin comfort and others.

1. Honda Insight

This is a very amazing hybrid electric vehicle manufactured by Honda motors and its first generation was developed from 1999 to 2006. This car is thought to be providing the customers with a new level of comfort and affordability along with a performance that is really fun to drive. The performance of this car has been found to be awesome even in the worst stop and go traffic condition. It gives you well ride comfort even at the low speed and for this we can say this model as the best car for city driving. Along with the capabilities the length and other dimensions of this car are also ideal for driving in the city.

Photo by Justin Kane

Photo by Justin Kane

2. BMW 3 Series Coupe

This is a very compact executive car manufactured by the world best car developer ‘BMW’ and this series is active on the roads since 1975 and till now the models are receiving a huge response in the international auto markets. This car is also considered as the best suitable member for the inner city driving because it also provides a comfortable ride even in the slow motion traffic; the size is also well to be parked in the restrictive parking areas of cities. Both the petrol and diesel models of this car bring a smile on the face of drivers while on the roads because of the remarkable efficiency it provides.

3. Toyota Echo

Toyota is the company whose models have always being considered as the best suitable ones for the inner city driving. The Echo is one of the top rated models of company in terms of fuel efficiency. This car is neither very less expensive nor too much exciting in terms of its features but its reliability is really great and it can be the best ever long term investment by you for the city driving. The overall length and width of this car is also not very large and with that its performance is really a great one for the city driving.

Photo by CarrieA

Photo by CarrieA

4. Toyota Prius

Another member of Toyota family is also eligible for this list and the reason is definitely the great efficiency in driving along with that in terms of energy and fuel. The latest hybrid model of this series is really fantastic, according to different traffic reports this model has been reported as the best due to its best navigation capability on the roads especially in the traffic. This midsized sedan also proves to best for city driving in terms of its size which is quite well for parking in the huge traffic areas of city.  This model went on sale in 1997 and from that time, every new member of the family receives a huge round of applause from not only the customers but also from the great market holders of the world.

Photo by sylko

Photo by sylko

5. Mercedes Benz C class

The luxury car’s developer ‘Mercedes’ has also brought a strong contender for the inner city driving which not only gives comfort and ease while driving but also reported to be quite well for the inner city driving. The C class is the series of compact executive cars produced by the company which is also named as the ‘Baby Benz’ and it is the smallest model in the marque’s lineup. It also comes with some very amazing facilities in terms of its security. The ride comfort at the low speed is considered to be the best factor for any city driving car and this car gives you this facility at its best.

These are some of the models which are observed to be the best suitable for the inner city driving not only because of their features and capabilities but also because of the size and comfort they carry. They are also the most reliable models for the long term usage so the city drivers can select one of them without any worry of performance or efficiency.

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