2017 Challenger Hellcat

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In the next few years, there will be more to see from Dodge’s arsenal.

Rumour has it that the people from Dodge plan to rebuild the almighty Challenger Hellcat into something even more powerful and road crushing.

The new iteration of the Challenger will have to show some serious muscle if it wants to leave a mark among the giants in this show, the Mustang GT and the Camaro SS.

There is a big question rising from these speculations.

Will Dodge construct a lightweight and solid vehicle that will step in the place of the consistent Challenger with an even more refreshed car line……and will they succeed in taking buyers away from Chevrolet and Ford?

The hype is constantly building up, the new Mustang is stocked at the dealerships, and Chevrolet already unveiled their new Camaro. On the other hand the business with Dodge is that everybody is still waiting on something new, a New Challenger Hellcat maybe.

Hellcat design will have a greater impact in the future

Dodge’s beautiful and well built muscle coupe is very much up to date when design comes to mind. That refreshed look was introduced just couple of months ago when the tumultuous Hellcat was presented with a full list of many other improvements.

It is way too early for everybody to go on with their business of constructing an actual prototype of the car. Design teams haven’t even started to sketch a revamped challenger that will be changed inside and out.

The finalization and full production of this project is expected to be in three years time…
…but if everything goes according to plan we can expect for an unveiling show as early as 2017.

The rumour instantly spread like wild and a lot of people wondered what will the 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat will be made.


The people from carscoops are among the first to make a car wrap of how the beauty might look like.

The massive design inspired by the 1970’s model is what makes the glory of the Challenger.

The 2015 version has some minor changes and is even more equipped and modern with the inclusion of some accessories and at the same time it obtained the original classic design.

The guys from carscoops also based their concept for the next-gen Challenger from the first generation.

People might argue that this is just a fan-based concept that goes astray from the original Challenger idea…
…I on the other hand, like what the guys from carscoops like to see in the coming years.

Despite the bulky exterior of the Challenger, the company wants to evolve towards a lighter chassis of its muscle cars.

The illustration is focused on bringing a sporty and at the same time athletic feel to the concept. It is toned and it tends to emphasise the need for a lighter vehicle.

Brothers look alike: Charger Sedan

The visual cues bring the familiar look on the front and grille.

The sculptured look really blends in with the crossover from the Charger but at the same the modded mask brings a more futuristic manner which can be seen in the front fenders and headlights.

The bumper has an ‘upward’ overbite that blends into the grille that is very similar to the current generation of the Charger sedan.

The trademark ‘halo ring’ LED headlights give a sinister glow to the mean look.

What we can see in the concept is that they think that the side of the car will ensure the most changes.

The side bodywork is dominated by an upper scallop that actually starts within the front fender and flowing back into the rear in a seamless design.

We see the toned character is practically missing from this years coupe.

Chrysler unveiled a five-year plan and in it, a special spotlight for the next-generation Challenger.

They announced that the next-gen vehicle will be built on an all-new platform.


We have to see whether or not the new underpinnings will be globally available and at the same time shared with Alfa Romeo.

It’s certain that we are going to see vast trimming of the exterior and with it the vehicle’s hefty pounds.

This will make the Challenger a competitive muscle car with the rivals, Camaro and Mustang.

The engine of the Hellcat is powered by the rear wheels via a 3.8-liter V6 Pentastar or a few other V8 Hemi’s including the mighty and very lovable 707 hp Hellcat.

The euphoria and the curiosity will endure in the following years.

For now, only thing worth doing is discussing and questioning three key questions.

Will it stay retro?

  • What direction will Dodge go with the 2017 Dodge Challenger?
  • Will we see an all-new futuristic design with their new platform?

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