2015 Ford Edge – Review

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The very first model of the Ford Edge was released in 2006, and became incredibly successful. Since then, more than a hundred thousand of these cars manage to sell each year. The Ford Edge becomes increasingly more popular with each new model that is released, and these cars are most popular with families and people who aren’t looking for something as striking as a Ford sports car.

The 2015 Ford Edge model hasn’t changed a great deal from the 2014 model, most particularly not when it comes to the appearance. Although it’s been updated, it still maintains the powerful look that it has become famous for. The 4-door SUV model comes with a warranty of three years or 36,000 miles. A total of five seats means that it’s an ideal family car, and many fans of this vehicle are pleased to hear that it will retain its gas engine.

Fans of Ford are excited to hear about the new features that this model will include. Drivers can expect more power since this vehicle has a 2 litre turbocharged engine which includes the new EcoBoost features. With 245 horsepower, this car certainly won’t delay in getting you up to speed quickly.

2015 Ford Edge

The 2015 model boasts an updated cabin which is very different from the 2011 Ford Edge and which will protect the passengers from road and engine noise much better than before. With added insulation and a thicker windshield plus other bonus features, both the driver and passengers will be able to enjoy a quieter and more relaxing journey. This new Ford Edge contains noise-cancelling technology which is often seen in vehicles which cost a lot more to get your hands on.

2015 Ford Edge

The interior of the car also comes complete with a neater, better fitting set of panels, a refreshing change from the usual interior of Ford cars. Over the years, Ford interiors have earned a reputation for not being very well made, but this model aims to smash these ideas and prove that a comfortable and luxurious interior is very much possible. The front seats are thinner yet more supportive, and since the model is overall slightly longer than the previous versions, you can expect more leg room when travelling.


For something a little more expensive and sporty, the Ford Edge Sport 2015 will also be released, and this comes with a tighter suspension, which will improve the road-holding as much as 20%. While pricing has not yet been announced, experts believe that we can expect a similar pricing to.

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