2014 Honda Civic Specs and Price

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The 2014 Honda Civic is an improved version of the previous models by Honda to maintain its position as the best-selling car in the U.S. It is currently priced between $18,190 and $22,740; it depends on the trim level that you would go for. So far there are six trim levels of the 2014 Civic Civic LX, EX-L and, EX are available in the form of a coupe or a sedan. These are powered by a 1.8 liter inline four-cylinder, with 143 horsepower and a standard five speed manual transmission except for the Si or the Natural Gas trims.

However the Civic Si comes with a horsepower of 205 and 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder and even a six manual transmission. The Civic Hf has a hybrid electric power train for more gas mileage, where as Civic GX runs on natural gas.

The mileage of the car is 0-60 in 8.1 seconds, it has a 5 passenger seating. The fuel economy of the Civic Hf increases to 42mpg on the highway due to the new transmission which is pretty much what is new about the 2014 models. Now, most civic models will see an increase of about 30 mpg and 33mpg in both the city and the highway.

The torque increases to 128 lb-ft. The manual transmission, earlier mentioned is only offered in the Civic LX and Civic Si and the coupe adds new paddle shifters for the CVT automatic.

2014 Civic Civic LX

Other features that have been updated in the Civic Ex are Honda’s LaneWatch system; it is a camera-based feature that facilitates drivers whilst changing lanes. The other feature is of the automatic headlights and push button starting with a smart key.

2014 Civic Civic EX

Other models to consider are, Ford Focus, now this is an excellent alternative to the Civic. It has a roomy interior and is loaded with new tech.

2014 Civic Civic EX-L

Then the Hyundai Elantra proves to be an alternative for the 2014 Civic Coupe. It has bold styling, a 5 door hatch back. It has fuel efficient engines as well.

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