2012 Ford Falcon: Australian Engineering for Family Sedan Buyers

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Ford has always remained one of the top car makers around the world and the company is keen on launching some of the best quality vehicles that not only perform but also deliver better fuel economy that impresses buyers around the world. Family sedans are highly popular in Europe, North America and Australia because  car buyers love to buy it for their family and therefore Ford has now come up with 2012 Ford Falcon that offers a lot of features to car buyers looking for large family sedan .

The car looks pretty decent and Ford believes that it will perform better than any other family sedan in the market. Let’s take a quick look at the top features in the Ford Falcon review below.


  • On the outside, Ford has tried to keep the design simple and elegant and that allows many buyers to use the same car for personal as well as business purpose. Ford has announced that they have made some refinements to the overall body to make it more aerodynamic.
  • Ford has also tried to lower the suspension for better driving performance and the weight of the car has also been reduce to ensure that the vehicle is fuel efficient. The new 2012 Ford Falcon is 73 kgs lighter than the earlier version of the vehicle.


  • Ford has been trying hard to bring out the new EcoBoost technology that the company has worked on and the vehicle is launched in three different versions, EcoBoost, G6 and G6E.
  • Under the hood, Ford has incorporated EcoBoost 2.0 liter I-4 VCT Turbo engine that also features twin independent variable valve timing that optimizes the performance of the vehicle. Ford claims that the turbocharger used in the engine can perform for more than ten years and is designed to eliminate turbo lag and also offers peak torque across various speed.
  • Ford Falcon offers a better fuel efficiency compared to other vehicles. The car can run 100 kilometers in 8.1 liters of gasoline, but GE and G6E will need 8.5 liters for the same distance.


  • Ford has also tried to keep the interiors simple to ensure that it appeals to more buyers across the market. The Ford Falcon EcoBoost and G6 models have the same interior style like soft feel dashboard with metal accents to make it more appealing. The seats are broad and adjustable and therefore good for drivers and passengers that hate narrow seats.
  • Although, Ford does not offer the same luxury as Toyota Camry and Aurion but the interiors of Ford Falcon is nothing less than that. The interior is very quiet and Ford has used various sound proof materials that cut down the engine noise and make it silent for the passengers and driver.
  • The new version of Ford Falcon also incorporates better under engine insulation, acoustic windscreen and new exhaust system. On the road, Ford Falcon is really smooth and interiors make it better for the drivers and passengers to have better driving experience.

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