2012 BMW 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible

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BMW is growing its line of series 6 and it officially released the information about the 2012 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible. BMW has claimed that both of these novel 6Series Coupe are very efficient performance wise and will offer a pleasant driving experience to the people who are looking for some elegant, performance oriented and stylish car meant for 4 passengers. Previous 6 series cars were built on diesel engine and were superb in performance same is the case with 2012 640d Coupe and Convertible.

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Engine of 2012 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible

2012 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible are powered by 3.0L Twin Turbo six cylinder engine that provides Horsepower of 313 and torque of 464lb.ft, due to this Twin Turbo engine both of these cars are much strong and fuel economical as compare to the forerunners. That’s why BMW Sports 6 Series Coupe has been named as “World’s Sportiest 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine”.

Instantly delivered dragging power helps the users to achieve the acceleration for 2012 BMW 640d Coupe from 0-100Km/Hr in just 5.5 Seconds and with 2012 BMW 640d Convertible in just 5.6 Seconds.

Fuel Economy of BMW 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible

The estimated fuel economy of BMW 640D Coupe is 51.4 to 52.3 mpg and that of BMW 640d Convertible is 49.6 to 50.4 mpg.

BMW 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible-The Eco Friendly Cars

BMW realize the importance of clean and healthy environment that’s why it always tries to produce eco-friendly cars with low Co2 emissions. CO2 emissions level in 2012 BMW 640d Coupe is recorded as 143-145 g/Km and for 2012 BMW 640d Convertible it is found to be 147-149g/Km.

BMW 640d Coupe and 640d Convertible with ECO PRO Mode

Previously BMW equipped the 640i Coupe and 640i Convertible with diesel engine and with ECO PRO Mode, this mode provides an economical and calmer mode of driving. With the help of button of driving mode located on the middle console on can switch to ECO PRO Mode. By turning on this mode one can fine-tunes the accelerator mapping and alter distinctiveness of the usual transmission, and at the appointed times the heating and air conditioning system (in addition to added electrically-organized calm functions) to operate with utmost effectiveness.

BMW xDrive System

For the very first time, BMW has equipped all the 6 series vehicles with BMW xDrive system which is a smart all wheel drive system.

LED Headlights (Optional)

LED headlights which employ LED units to produce low and major beam are optional for BMW 6 series Coupe and Convertible.

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