2009 Toyota Prius: A Brief Review

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The third generation of Toyota Prius is on sale now with its all zeal and zest and when it comes to drive Prius is as, as to commute on least possible fuel and to feel a real sense of proud. Whether it’s exterior or interior, you will find it exceptionally unique with its unusual technical design. It gives a slab-like look and seems quite nice on impression and efficiency.

When it comes to interior, you will notice some high tech and pleasant crisp feel all around inside. Just to place a key fob in and start it with the available ‘on’ button without even turning the key.  The engine gets warm after a while, but the dash lights begin to illuminate with a chime sound.


Credit: toyota

With the help of the tiny joystick in its dash, you can place it into gear and there is no more traditional stick shifter. You will find a nice looking touch screen display in its center that is somewhat ahead of its time. You would also find an LED jutted speedometer, gear indicator and odometer in its small hooded screen.

You will also find interior quite spacious and airy which can easily welcome five passenger and similarly there is enough storage in its hatch and when you fold down the rear seat, you can easily transport one flat screen TV.

When it’s about performance, it seems to float gradually in an electric drive and you feel nice without using fuel, but it gives you a slower start. The gas engine begin to show its power when you step on the accelerator or after gas engine going on. It’s not your option to have really speedy acceleration and when on highway, you have the feel that the engine is not quite good for your vehicle.

It seems to provide quite nice fuel economy with 48mpg city and 45mpg highway with an estimated EPA and houses a 1.5-liter engine that peaks up at 110hp when it gets together with dual electric motors. In short, you would find it quite well-suited to the assigned tasks.

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