2009 Ford F-150 XLT

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The 2009 Ford F-150 is made by all those people who know what all should be included in a typical pick-up truck and its functions that would benefit the customers to its best. Ford has a reputation to live up to with the introduction of the F-150 and its time for the company to pick up on the lagging sales and capture the majority of the market.


Ford has packed the most of its capability in this light-duty pickup truck. It boasts of the 11,300 lb towing capacity which is considered to be the best in class and a 3030lb load capability along with providing the best-in-fuel economy of 15MPG in the crowded streets and 21MPG on the highway when you pick the fuel saving SFE model. However, that’s only one of the seven trim levels and each of them could be configured with the three subsequent powertrains. The model also comes equipped with the 13 wheels and this is more than the number of vehicles sold by Honda. You can also pick the two or the four wheel drive as per your convenience. Apart from the exteriors the other important parts of the truck include the box, drive system, engine as well as the transmission.



At the time of being launched, the F-150 is going to be available in three different engines which include the 4.6 litre two valve V8, 4.6 litre three valves V8 and the 5.5 litre V8. Out of these three, the 5.4 and the 4.6 three valve are impressively mated to the six transmission and the other valve engine is mated to the four transmission in order to keep the costs pretty low. However, we suspect that taking the nomadic fuel prices into consideration, the consumers are more likely to pick the 4.6 litre three valve option as they wouldn’t be disappointed with the decision.


There has been a lot of speculation in the market about this new pickup truck and undoubtedly this one is certainly better than the outgoing model and it happens to be much quieter, smarter as well as powerful. There are about nine million customers waiting for the model and we strongly believe that it would do very well in the market with the kind of capabilities it possesses.

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