12 Steps to Test Drive a New Car

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Test Drive

Test drive of car is very important, especially if you are going to buy a new car. While buying a car, keep one thing in mind that looks can be deceiving. You might find a car eye-catching after its first sight. Remember one thing that test drive of car is as important as someone check salt and spices in semi-cooked food.

Test drive of car really matters. Sales persons and dealers know it very well that “The feel of the wheel will seal the deal”. Here are some tips that will help those people, who are thinking to buy a car.

1. Evaluate your needs

Before setting out to buy a car, clear your mind with all the ambiguities. Be clear which car you need. Do some homework by considering all the aspects i.e. your budget, size of your family etc.

2. Go in day time

Prefer to go for test drive in day time. Most of the things might look vague in evening especially the color of car.

3. Keep “One” with you

When you will go at dealer’s spot keep one person with you who has know how about cars. If that person has technical knowledge about the cars, it will be vey useful for you at the test drive experience.

4. Think about the test drive

When you become very much clear about your choice, it will save your time. When you will be on your way to dealer, make a rough sketch in your mind about parts which need a vigorous check.

5. You at the Dealer Spot….

When you arrive at dealer and view the car that you have planned to buy, compare it with your mind sketch. If you find it right for you, ask the dealer for the test drive. Keep it in mind that the dealer will try to trap you by showing some other cars but first go for the test drive of car that you have already decided.

6. You in the car…

Journey begins now…..each and every thing is important from you first step into cars to the last step when you end the test drive. Hence, better evaluate from every aspect.

7. Can you easily get in to the car?

You must discuss with your companion about the ease to enter in the car. It’s the first thing you should figure out.

8. Is the driving seat comfortable?

Check that driving seat is comfortable or not. Adjust the seat according to your height. Do not forget to check that there enough room for your legs if you have smart height. Well it really matters to tall persons.

9. Does hood of car have appropriate height?

Again height matters… people with normal height will not suffer if hood is low. On the other side, tall people will face problems if hood is low. Consider this point with respect to your height.

10. You on the road….

When you are on the road with car, some points need to be considered. Brakes, rear mirror, speed meter must be checked properly. Apply brakes off and on to check the ease and notice the reading of speed meter, if you are more concern about the speed. Secondly check your ease with rear and side mirror. Rear and side mirrors are most important to look at especially when you drive in rush.

11. Evaluate the road grip of wheels

Check the road grip of wheels especially on slopes and during the application of brakes. This point is most important from safety point of you.

12. Check the engine

When you end the test drive, after a while do check its engine. Ask the companion to check the specification of engine from technical point of view.

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