10 Innovative Tech Traits your Car will have in Future -See your car turn into Transformers by 2020

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“Transformers” when released in 2007 made an ideal picture for every car owner to have their car transformed into revolutionary and innovative tech car.  In the near future auto manufacturers will be adding such innovative features in their cars. There can be airborne cars by 2020.

Top Auto manufacturers have been constantly improving the technology. More safety features are added, Drivers assist functions are included, communications are increased, fuel economy is also kept in mind, added apps and additional entertaining features are enhanced. Time is not far when the dream will become reality and cars will turn into transformers.

1. Swift Cruise Control

Swift Cruise Control with adaptive features is a novel tech trait with the radar sensor to keep your car at a safe distance from the other car. You don’t have to constantly hit brakes or adjust the speed of your car. All you have to do is cruise smoothly. Ford Taurus is currently having this system, while it is available as a option in BMW and Audi A4 cars .By 2020 it will the top tech feature of all the cars.

2. Warning and Safety

Your car will be you protector as it will warn you in emergency conditions. Some cars like Hyundai, Mercedes and Lexus have systems which automatically charge your brakes and tighten your seat belts, thus ensuring your safety. Collision-mitigation systems are added to some cars where radars are used to sense the threats and give you a visual and auditory warning when you’re getting too close to the next car, going too fast.

3. Car to Car Communications

Talking cars would be a reality if car to car communications are upgraded. Some auto companies are focus sing on this technology. Ford is making an intelligent vehicle system to locate and recognize the vehicles. This system uses advanced Wi-Fi technology and will keep you informed about all the vehicles on the road, or a car that is about to pass through a red light, or tell you when a vehicle several cars ahead has stopped. It will be the newest concept of future.

4. See through rear view camera

Your car will see through its rear view camera. This technology has been added by BMW, Chrysler and Ford and will become the tech trait of each car by 2014. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposal each vehicle will have this technology. Advanced cameras with a 180-degree view from the back or front of your vehicle will be added to the cars which will alert you if another car is approaching as you back up or pull out of a blind drive.

5. Night Vision Enhancements and pedestrian recognition

BMW and Mercedes have the enhanced Night vision systems which use  infrared light or amplify available light to detect the hurdles and persons even at night or in less light. Volvo S60 is featuring a pedestrian recognition system which detects pedestrians and automatically stops your car thus avoiding accidents. Both systems are present on expensive vehicles. By 2020 more cars will have these features as a technology package

6.  Innovative Apps

Innovative apps in the car will be possible with in-built Wi-Fi capability. It is currently available in General Motors with a monthly subscription fee. By 2020 you will be using Facebook, Twitter and you will be surfing the internet within the car. General Motors OnStar Link Communication system and Toyota’s Entune system are examples of such systems which let the driver to use all the infotainment systems on dashboard.

7. Fuel Efficient technology

The cars will be more fuel efficient. Automakers have set the target to 62 mpg mark. Regenerative brakes are one of the tech traits that will contribute to this fuel economy.

8. Robust Engines

Robust Engines will be one of the innovative tech traits of your car. Hybrids will be common and soon become the most selling cars in future. Engines with turbo charging capability and direct fuel injection will be in markets e.g Buick’s LaCrosse with eAssist use small lithium ion battery to power a stop/start system. Ford’s EcoBoost 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with direct injection is expected to give better fuel economy.

9. Striking Materials

Striking Lightweight materials will be used in cars in future to make them accelerate faster. Lightweight carbon fiber pieces are still used in some electric cars e.g. BMW. However, other car manufacturers are also converting from high-strength steel and aluminum materials and using lightweight carbon fiber for their future cars.

10. Connectivity on the Go

By 2020 you will have all the connectivity on the go. You will find music, your friends, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, hands free system all in your car. Ford’s My Touch and Fords’ Sync s is one of the examples of such system which provides navigation and all the communication.

So, hang around to see your cars turn into transformers and have the most innovative tech traits.

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